Vintage culture in Istanbul

Vintage clothes are the pieces that always maintain their popularity from the past to the present, they can be adapted to every place and time, and they can be worn in places such as daily life, weddings, concerts. The vintage culture in Istanbul is a strong culture that can survive for years. The vintage stores, which have been located in districts like Beyoğlu and Taksim for years, continue to serve their customers.

1) By retro
By Retro is located inside the Syrian Passage on the way from Istiklal Caddesi to Tünel. Clothes from many TV series and movies about the old days are also available in this store. By Retro began to introduce itself with the popularity of old series. Especially customers who want to buy the clothes worn by the actors of the TV series visit this store.

2) Foot of Poule
Located in Çukurcuma, this store has made a name for itself on Turkish TV broadcasts. This store, which is especially known for its collection of hats, is worth seeing.

3) My Pear 1960
Located on Cihangir-Altıpatlar street, this store is a retro store with second-hand products. In this store, where you can find second-hand products of many world famous brands, designers’ own products are also displayed.

4) Atölye Butterfly Cihangir
Mariposa is a store with products that we can call romantic and tender. Located in Şimşirci Sokak, this romantic store plays an important role in showcasing the products of young designers and supporting the income from the sale of the products.

5) Bin Bavul Add
Located next to the Galata Tower, this store displays clothing divided into years and eras. If you wish, you can rent or buy a product from here. Watches, hats and other accessories are also available.

6) Sentetik Sézar
The most striking products of this store, which has branches in Kadıköy and Taksim, are watches, glasses and bags. These products also decorate the store as a decoration. There are colorful shirts for both men and women. You can come here and visit the store or buy products through messaging on websites and social networks.

7) Eleni Vintage Galata
It is also known as “Once upon a time”. Located on Serdar-ı Ekrem Street, this beautiful store features French culture in particular. You can give your home a vintage touch at this store, which also includes vintage products.

8) İskele58 Yeldeğirmeni Eskicisi
This store is the perfect place for those who want to try not only clothes but also vintage tunes at home. You can find the items you want here. You can see the products and get information about their prices on social networks.

9) Closed Circuit
In this store you can find products from all eras, where items that many people do not use are collected and put back on sale. In addition to shopping, there is a sweet cafe in the back.

10) Büyükannemin Sandığı
You can witness your grandmother’s youth in this store, where you can even find a wedding dress. You can feel like you are in the past in this store adopted by the people of Kadıköy. It is a beautiful store that will impress you with its decoration.