Private Walking Tour

Top Five Most Visited Sites of Istanbul

Walking Private Tour of Sultanahmet Old City Area

All the tours are done on foot or by public transportation.

Your walking tour will include the most visited (and most famous!) sites of Istanbul’s historic peninsula. Your old Istanbul walking tour takes you to the imperial center of the old Turkish Ottoman Turkish Empire. Visit the Blue Mosque, Beautiful mosque with predominantly blue stained glass windows and tiles, Topkapı Palace where you can get good understanding about how the Turks ruled and lived, The Grand Bazaar with more than 4 thousands shops and the relics of the Roman (Byzantine) Empire: Hagia Sophia church, turned mosque and now Museum is an excellent example of how different religions can have some much respect and tolerance for each other.

The place is beautiful and peaceful, Very nice mix of beautiful Christian and Muslim calligraphy and stained windows, Basilica Underground Cistern with beautiful architecture with dim light, water and music and the Hippodrome where we will take nice pictures of Egyptian Obelisks. This is one of the most popular visits in Istanbul!

Dates, Tour Duration & Start Times
Duration: 7 hours

Friday tours might last longer due to the heavy traffic.


  • Blue Mosque
  • Hippodrome
  • Topkapi Palace
  • Lunch in a traditional local restaurant ( it could be one of those close by according to your preference and my advice)
  • Hagia Sophia
  • Underground Basilica Cistern
  • Grand Bazaar

You will also have the chance to observe the present day life in the area and take more pictures. Topkapi Palace is closed on Tuesdays, Hagia Sophia is closed on Mondays. We replace those with something else if your tour is on those days.

Meeting Location
Meeting location: In your hotel lobby, cruise ship port or any other suitable place for you. If you are coming with cruise ship according to the ship name i would find out which terminal it would arrive and dock before you arrive and would wait for you in the passenger exit with your name signed on board. If you are staying in a private house or a long distance from the city center then we would arrange the most central place according to your location. There are 4 different centers I can meet you if you stay around Sultanahmet, Taksim area I come and pick you up from your hotel but if you are staying outside of those locations then I will meet one of the town centers depending on your location.

End location: i would live you to the place where i we meet in the morning. Hotel or cruise ship port.