Egypitan Obelisk

It was quite difficult for the obelisk to take its place where we see today on one of Istanbul’s hills. Emperor Constantine wants to bring an obelisk to the hippodrome while rebuilding the city. He wants to make his new capital even more beautiful. There is a saying around: Constantin sends this message to Egyptian King “It would be appropriate for you to send this monolithic stone to contribute to the beautification of this city, which generously greets you while your ships sail to the Black Sea, and which you help to feed.”

Finally, the obelisk arrives in Istanbul in the time of Constantine the second, the son of the great Constantine. But it is not easy to transport such a large stone to the hippodrome square on the top of the hill. Finally, about 100 years later, in the time of Theodosius the first, a road was built to bring the obelisk to the hippodrome with sledges and erected where we see it today.